What Are The Ways In Which Flyer Distribution Can Be Done?

Flyer distribution is now one of the most recognized forms of marketing. With the economy slowing down, start-up companies are finding it difficult to sustain themselves. But since they do need a marketing tool to keep themselves in the limelight, they are taking the help of flyers to do this. Flyers are a cost-effective way to let the people know about the business. It works out well for the small companies who want to establish a local presence. Large scale businesses have to depend on the radio jingles and TV ads to make their business known throughout the nation. These are much costlier but they can reach out to a wider audience and have a profound effect on them. Flyers are more required to stir interest in the local people to buy the product or service that you sell. There are many methods of flyer distribution Flyer Psd.

Door-to-door distribution

This kind of distribution requires the distributor to give the flyers at the doorsteps of the potential customer. It is possible to mark the exact houses where the flyers can be delivered. This makes it much easier to target the customers and also limit the printing of flyers. Flyers can be given out in many ways under this broad category. The first method is the solus method of distribution. The flyers are given out alone without being combined with the other flyers. This method is quite an efficient method but the costs are a bit more. The second method involves giving the flyers through shared distribution. Your flyer will be given to the potential customer along with other flyers. There is a chance that your competitor’s flyer too may be given out along with yours. In the third method, the flyer is given along with a newspaper. In this method too, the flyer has to vie for the recipient’s attention along with the newspaper.

Hand-to-hand distribution

This is another broad category of flyer distribution. In this method, the flyers are handed out directly to the people on the streets. If you are establishing a pizza joint and want to let the people in the area know about it, you can stand on the street near the joint and give out the flyers so that people will come to know about it. It is also a good way to announce any special offers in a store. The flyers can be given out in many ways on the streets. The first way to do this kind of flyer distribution is by giving it out directly by hand. In the second way, you can keep the flyers in a prominent place on the sidewalk so that people can take a flyer out and walk away. In the third way, the flyer can be kept under the windshield of a parked car. This should be done after ensuring that you do not damage the car in any way.

You can take up any of the above flyer distribution methods as per your requirement and budget. There are pros and cons of every method and you should choose the one which can give you the maximum benefit.

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