Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas – Use the Force to Plan Your Upcoming Theme Party

Star Wars birthday party ideas are typically associated with kids, but there are many adults who are Star Wars fans as well. If you’re having a Star Wars party theme, then you can be sure it will go over well with kids as well as their parents. Give lots of notice to the people who are being invited to the birthday so they can dress up as their favorite Star Wars character.

You might make invitations with a Star Wars seal on it to get people in the mood as well. Star Wars theme cakes can be made by you or you can get one from a place like Dairy Queen who specializes in ice cream cakes with themes made on the top of the cake.

Bring out all your Star Wars posters and books for people to peruse and get the first three Star Wars movies to watch throughout the day for the adults, and the three Star Wars prequels for the kids. If you have planned ahead you may even be able to make your snacks look somewhat futuristic and so blend in with the theme of the party. Don’t forget to have the Star Wars theme party music to play. Invite others to bring all their Star Wars mementos as well to add to the display of the theme. Lego produces lots of Star Wars space ships that you can build at a party. Some of them are not all that pricy and can be purchased to give away as prizes. There are also lots of Star Wars video games that are meant to play with more than two people which was a real “star wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s?.

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