Review of Herbalife’s Compensation Plan

Over the years there has been a healthy growth in the field of network marketing. Numerous companies have been established and their products have been sold to people in a methodical way which is quite fortunate but, most would agree upon the terms and conditions imposed to the employees who do most of the work, it is a tedious job with only few people making money as shown in the advertisements while the rest end up in misery.

Herbalife plan as we can see is an evergreen marketing plan as most of us would agree. Started by Mark Hughes in 1980 who sold his products from his truck in the beginning has converted his selling to what we know today as a multi-million dollar marketing industry. Its compensation plan can also be called as a generous plan which offers almost 73% to its distributors in the form of wholesale and retail profits as well as royalties and bonuses. It’s as simple as it looks.

All you need to do is enroll yourself in the program and you would be given training regarding the company and the products they sell. Herbalife specializes mostly in weight loss and health based products. Try the product if you are interested and if so, start your own home based business with no capital! Herbalife is a multi level marketing industry where your work is to generate leads and promote the product for sales and once you get to the top, there is no way of stopping money flowing inside your wallet.

Your profit depends on the type of sales you produce. A 50% profit is almost guaranteed in case of direct sales to customers from you. 25% profit for the sales made by your leads. So it’s just a case of “Sell and let others sell” concept and once you managed to generate sufficient leads who should be responsible distributors and hard-working as you. Mind you, MLM systems have their own pros and cons so make sure that your leads are as responsible as you and that’s the bottom line folks.

Herbalife’s plan includes a royalty override income program in which you get paid up to 5% as bonus. It has 3 active down-line levels and the more you sell, the more you earn. Of course there is an annual bonus to the top achiever who makes the highest sales and he gets to earn Lavoro da casa online con herbalife a hefty amount in the form of a portion of the company sells which is extremely generous as well as honoring to the hard work of the individual.

Your initial struggle will be the lead generation process where you’ll have to do some canvassing work to promote the product and make others join in your campaign. Per current trends you would need a minimum of 120 people working for your group. This will pay you $1000 per month, but successful distributors earn up to a 6 digit income per month. This requires skill and team work.

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