Horse Racing: The Secret Difference Between A Gambler And An Investor In Racing – Part 2

The secret difference between a gambler and an investor in racing is that one of them have a business way of looking at racing and the other don’t. This seems funny or even foolish to a gambler. But if you want to make money it’s best to have a money oriented business perspective. A gambler works with limitations such as: (1) Not having enough information. (2) Not having the right information. (3) Not giving enough time for well thought out evaluations. (4) Making snap judgements which are usually incorrect. (5) Not knowing the true structure of the game. เว็บแทงบอล

Also: (6) Thinking they know that which they don’t. (7) Throwing caution to the wind. A few things to do to not be a gambler in horse racing is: (a) Focus your energy by choosing 1-4 tracks, 1-4 wager types, 1-4 field sizes, 1-3 race types and learn in detail everything about what you chosen. Don’t play everything at random. (b) Allocate or divide your money wisely into what you’ve chosen. (c) have a time frame to reach your money goals and so on. Asset allocation is part of money management. You must pick a specific amount of money to reach as a goal such as $100,000 net profit in 3 years.

A main rule in investing is: you must invest with caution. This the secret difference between a gambler and an investor in racing. Since you have a limited amount of money to use or SIM (Sustain Investment Money). Asset allocation is a percent of the whole amount that you’re investing with. Such as using $5 out of $100 which is to use 5% of the whole. Almost no gambler thinks like this but it’s a good practice to learn. The player’s interest isn’t complex and player’s there simply to make a profit. So it comes down to how much did you invest minus what you got back in a specific time period such as 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, etc.

The investment includes track food, track programs, DRF’s, track cover charges, etc. There are different levels of gamblers from beginner to professional. From sensible to suicidal. The same goes for investors which is beginners to highly seasoned pros. An investor is anyone who has a special frame of mind when investing anything and in anything including money. It’s the special frame of mind that sets them apart. In racing an investor has a much better chance of profiting than a gambler and the mass majority of players are gamblers of different degrees and levels.

Gamblers take risks with their money that a sensible investor never would. What this boils down to is: stop being a gambler and become an investor. The player will fare much better. Your interest in racing will then follow the structure of the game which has two main divisions: PROFITCAPPING and HANDICAPPING. This is partially the secret difference between a gambler and an investor in racing.

[] has Advanced Handicapping – simplified which teaches the higher forms of handicapping and [] has Profitcapping which teaches how to be an investor instead of a losing gambler. Putting you much closer to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Claim both your copies for they are text guides and basic statistical oriented for racing’s a statistical game underneath. Both together give all the tools and strategies needed with firm, solid, adamant and comprehensive understanding of the game. Jessie R. Johnson Is a heavily experienced player of 20 year

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