Brief Encyclopedia of Israeli Films

Best movies in a foreign language:

The history of cinema in Israel is very interesting. Films were produced since 1948 after political stability in the country. Most movies have been produced in Hebrew language. Yet they have been successfully shown in international movie festivals with subtitles in English. The films also been telecasted in some countries with subtitles in local language. In recent years many films are the creative out of co-production of Israeli movie industry and other countries, mainly France.

Classification of Israeli Films:

Movies in Israel were made according to social and political scenario of the country. The theme or story in these films was not too focused on entertainment and spicy elements. These movies highlighted realistic issues going in the country and all over world. Israeli films have been nominated for the award of best movie in a foreign language. Following is a brief classification of movies in Israeli language:


  1. Bourekas films: These movies were produced during the period between 1960 and 1970. The story theme of these films was based on the struggle between Ashkenazi Jews and Mizrahi Jews. The hero in these movies was portrayed to be from Mizrahi Jews. He was shown as a humble and poor chap who faces the arrogant, cruel and rich class of Ashkenazi Jews.
  2. Holocaust movies: These movies focused in real life stories of people who survived the disaster of the holocaust. The word “holocaust” was coined by president Truman after the terrible massacre of numerous Jews by Nazi rulers has been discovered.
  3. Musical films: These entertainment pieces included songs and dance performed by actors. Very few movies were made on these themes.
  4. Military movies: These movies were based on fighting sequences of macho men. They included mortal combats and fights with arms.
  5. New sensitivity movies: These films were based on trends of modern cinema. They included artistic principals.
  6. Documentary movies: These movies gained much popularity in Israel as well as international movie festivals. They showed stories in a realistic way rather in a fantasy style.


Famous movie makers and actors of Israel:

Right from its commencement movie industry in Israel has ดูหนังออนไลน์ got artistic contribution of many producers and actors. Boaz Davidson, Amos Gitai and Eytan Fox, Uri Barabash, Uri Zohar and David Perlov are noted movie producers of this industry. Gila Almagor, Mili Avital, Yehuda Barkan, Natalie Portman, Ayelet Zorer and Assi Dayan are famous actors who were often seen in movies of Israel. Ophir Award and Wolgin Award are tokens that are given to a remarkable Israeli films, actor or director.

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